Off to a good start!

As I mentioned in my last post, we have had some issues with Ryan getting up in the night, running into our room multiple times.. I swear we have tried everything.... it seems.
We have locked him out of our room... locked him in his room.. laid in his bed... let him lay in our bed... cried... and finally... hope I am not speaking too soon.... we have found something that works!

Erik and I went to the local Teacher's stop and picked up a goal chart and decided on 2 prizes that Ryan could build up towards IF he stayed in his bed at night! I was so worried he wouldn't understand what we were saying, but we took him in his room, put the chart on the wall and explained that if he stayed in his bed ALL night long without getting up, he would earn a TOY by day 3.... and if he stayed in bed 6 nights, he would get to go to Chuckie Cheese!

Night 1: Ryan reaching out for me before I left his room saying, "Mommy, Don't go".... over and over again. I repeated our chart explaination and how he was a big boy and was going to be OKAY. I stayed with him till he fell asleep, then slowly made my way to the door and shut it (it was locked).
Night 2: Ryan asked me not to go again and I sat on his floor for a little bit... waited for about 10 minutes and slowly made my way to the door and shut it (locked again).

Night 3: Nervous this night b/c it was my first to put Ryan and Reese down by myself. Reese started crying and I had to bring her in Ryan's room to wait for him to settle down and watched him pop his head up about 3 times while I sat on the floor rocking Reese. Finally, I said.. Mommy has to go put Reese in her bed. I love you and goodnight! I shut the door.... scared that he would cry out b/c I hadn't come back... but not a peep, until about 6ish am when I went and opened his door and let him out... I feel this night was a success b/c we usually wake him at 6:30 on week days.

So, today, I took Ryan to get a "BIG BUZZ". I swear he asked for a big buzz about 436 times and I couldn't be happier to buy it and give it to him!!

Prayers are still being requested to make it to the finale night and hopes that this is a new phase of staying in bed!!!
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Kristi Kelly said...

Yay Ryan!!! Great job Janette, it is so fun to see him smiling and hear that you are getting a good night slep!!!!