6 Weeks!

We are already at the 6 week mark and it has gone soo fast! We took Reese to her 1 month check up and she is doing great!! I'm excited to say that she is sleeping through the night and is a pretty content little girl. I will say though, she is a tad spoiled. Content for her is being held ALL the time. I hope in the following weeks, she learns to enjoy independent time in her bouncer, on her activity mat or even in her swing. Don't get me wrong, we love to hold her...
Reese is doing really well at holding her head up. We practice mainly when she is on our shoulders or while she is being assisted when sitting up. We haven't quite determined what color her eyes are yet... they are still a little gray, but Erik is pretty sure they are turning green.
Ryan is doing great! He is sleeping in his bed at night without the assistance of bribes or toys! What a relief!! He will even exclaim sometimes how he was a big boy and slept in his bed all by himself!! We are certainly VERY proud!! Ryan has started private swim lessons at his school which last two weeks. I am not 100% sure how it goes since I am not there with him but he brings home a weekly report that shows what he learned. We are anxious to get him out to a pool and test out his skills!!
Erik and I are doing great. Every spare minute is used wisely. We are trying to declutter our home and fix some things we have neglected over the years. The house is really coming along nicely!! Its amazing what a little paint and dusting can do! I also never realized how much clutter we had! It really feels good and fresh!
Here are a few pictures of our lil' family since our last post!
This picture below of Reese is a great example to those I've talked to recently about her arms. She is neither happy to have them out or to have them pinned to her side in a swaddle. I often say that she is conducting music with her arms/hands because she flails them about so ridgidly! Its quite comical but when you are trying to put her down for a nap, this can be a very trying time.

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