The best thing to do when its crazy hot in Texas is to find things to do outside that involve water!!
We bought a pool for our backyard.. here we are testing out the splashes!
Erik is here helping Ryan start his back-stroke!
Enjoying the water with Daddy.
We are also watching a friend's dog and brought Leo into the pool with us!
Look at this happy face!!
Come on Daddy... get the boat going!
As a kid, Erik and I both had slip n' slides.. so it only seemed natural to get one of our own for Ryan..
Of course Erik had to go down the slide a few times too!! Too fun!
Ryan's favorite neighbor friend is Noah.... he came over to play in the Buzz Lightyear rocket water launcher..
They were so cute.. laughing and running in the water!
We also got a splash ball that sprays water.. Ryan was a little timid but felt comfy going close if Daddy helped.
Daddy and son testing out the rocket launcher!
Stay cool everyone!!

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