9 Months & Art

I wish we had done this when I was pregnant with Ryan, but I asked Erik to paint a few flowers on my belly since this is the last part of my pregnancy. We had Ryan add his hand prints as if he is holding his baby sister and giving her flowers for her arrival.

Pregnancy Highlights
Current delivery date is June 18th. We will be heading to the hospital at 5am and everything is suppose to start around 7am!! YAY!

How Far Along: 37 weeks (full term)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: YES!
Maternity Clothes: Convinced that all maternity clothes that are cute are never going to be available when I am pregnant.
Best Moment this week: Knowing that this is my last week of work is pretty exciting!
Gender: It's A Girl - Reese McKinley!
Movement: Reese seems to always have the hiccups and moves a lot!!
Food Craving: I don't think I've had a real craving since my first trimester.
What I miss: I miss not being swollen.
Sleep: I would love some. I wake up probably every hour to go to the bathroom and can't get comfortable b/c my hips hurt so bad during the night.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to having Reese here! I
can't wait to see how Ryan interacts with her.
Belly Button: Its in, its out.. its all over the place. It really depends on where Reese is and if she's pushing up against me there.
Symptoms: Acid Reflux is still sticking with me. I have been having cramps but the Braxton Hicks contractions I once thought I was having are just cramps I guess. My Dr isn't too worried about it b/c they aren't very consistant. I'm also swelling quite a bit, but luckily with this ridiculous heat, I am sweating a lot of it out!
June 18th!! Here we come!
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