See you soon!

This morning, Erik got up at 4:30 to get head out for a 2 weeks mandetory training with the Army. He is in charge of the convoy of vehicles that are driving from Grand Prairie to El Paso at Fort Bliss. He is also leading the convoy, driving the Army hummer which I believe can only go about 65 miles an hour max. Talk about a long drive!!! To say Erik was stressed is an understatement. Being with a new unit, having extra responsiblity and being the highest ranking NCO responsible for this convoy really has been wearing him down. He's no stranger to the yearly 2 week trainings, but this year just feels different with the new unit, etc as I mentioned.... and add that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant probably adds a little more stress. Erik is confident that Reese will not try to show up early, so I just hope he is right!!
Last night as we were tucking Ryan into bed, I told Ryan that Daddy had to leave to to go Army. Ryan said, "No Army Daddy, don't go!" We aren't sure he really understands, but still to hear him say that was sad. This morning when I went to wake him up for school, the first thing he asked is "Where did Daddy go?". I answered, the Army and he just repeated me.

The house is empty without Erik/Daddy and we look forward to having him back home again.
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