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This week on Kelly's Korner is Show us your Life: Tell us how you chose your kids names or what future names you have picked and why!

I recall sitting at Christina's Mexican Resteraunt with Erik before we found out we were pregnant with Ryan. Some how we got on the topic of names and started rattling off names we liked. I think we named a few then got onto the first letter of a name and how it would be neat if all our kids had the first letter the same. I think it was pretty quick that we both said we liked the name Ryan. It didn't come from any family member or anything but it just sounded good and not a name our son would later regret for being silly or embarrassing. Erik and I aren't into wild names. So, I remember coming home from eating that night looking online at other R names and to be honest weren't seeing that many that we liked, but Ryan for sure was set early. To come up with the middle name wasn't hard, we decided on Allen which is Erik's middle name and his father Craig's middle name as well. We would be passing along a family name. It also went really well together. Its amazing how a name truely fits a person b/c when I look at our son, he really does look like a Ryan. We often call him Bubba and the cutest is that his teacher calls him Ryan Jo'handsom'.
Future names:
I have been in love with the name Reese for as long as I can remember.. or actually as long as I have known of the actress Reese Witherspoon. She became my favorite actress early on when she was first starting her career with the movie "Man in the Moon". She has remained my favorite through amazing movies and she is also one of the most genuine actresses out there. She's classy, beautiful and strong. It didn't take much convincing with Erik that this was the name that we would choose for our soon to be baby girl. I just hope she loves the name as much as I do.
McKinley was a tough name for me to choose. My paternal grandmother's name was Margaret Braune Hubbard (McKinley was her maiden name). I have always had a facination with my grandmother since I was a young girl. She died before I was born at the age of 49, which I mentioned in a previous post and I always felt so lost without knowing her. I would swear on a stack of bibles that she is my guardian angel b/c that is how strongly I feel about her and have never met. I remember I had a dream about her once that she was an angel and she came down with bright lights surrounding her to tell me she loved me and the answer is always love. I think I had that dream when I was about 8 years old. Since then I have strived to learn more about her. I have hopes that in some ways I look like her, act like her or like the same things that she liked when she was alive. So without going on and on about that, I knew I wanted to carry on her name. My middle name is Braune, after her as well as another cousin who shares the middle name with me and a 2nd cousin who also was blessed with the name. I knew how much I liked the name Reese and kept trying to pair Reese Braune together. It wasn't working. I even tried Reese Margaret and didn't feel a connection there either. I finally wrote the names out on a dry erase board and was just hoping one of the names would call to me.
Reese Braune
Reese Margaret
Reese McKinley
The day we went to find out what the gender was, Erik and I got in the car and looked at each other just before texting to all of our friends/family and said... okay, what is it going to be and we both said McKinley.
I'm thankful I can honor her name for another generation and can only pray that Reese has her as a gaurdian angel as I believe she is for me.
Future and Beyond Names:
If/When we have another girl..... WHO KNOWS what we'll name her, I have ideas floating in my head but will have to wait until it comes up!!! We have our boy name figured out, but will keep that a surprise if it happens!
Ps. Its just a coinsidence that Reese and Ryan have the same first letter as we talked about before, but it was not on purpose.
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