Another Busy Weekend!

Well we are 1 week down with Erik gone for Army training at Ft. Bliss and he is doing well. He calls frequently and sounds whoop, dog tired! They are keeping him busy with 5am wake up calls and lights out by midnight most nights. I know he is looking forward to being back home in his own bed and cozy surroundings. We miss him!!! In the mean time, as you can tell... Ryan and I are trying to stay SUPER busy! It really helps the time go by.
Things started off on Saturday morning with a birthday party for Ryan's friend Bryce who turns 3 on June 1st, but the party was a tad early. They had it a Park Lane Ranch.
The kids got to go into a petting zoo area with bunnies, chickens and goats.

They also offered horse rides... so, Ryan tried out both horses. I wish I could remember the name of this horse but the only thing coming to mind is 'Painter' but that's the type of horse, not his name....
Ryan looked so small on this horse.. but he loved it.
Next was a ride on 'Cinnamon' and he was a full grown pony. I think Ryan liked him the best.
There were definitly more smiles on this lil' guy.
They also had put-put for the kids and the parents could play too.. Here is Ryan with his friend Hudson's parents hitting a few balls.
And here is Hudson.. he is in Ryan's class at school. Very sweet boy.
And if all of that wasn't enough.. they also had face painting.. here is Ryan getting a bunny painted on his face. I also got a few shots of Ryan in the bounce house, but they were too fuzzy to post.. Needless to say, it was a fun party... full of things to do and HOT HOT HOT!!!
Ryan's teacher was at the party too.. Ms. Ada. She is such an amazing teacher and person. We truely love her!!
Next up.... BABY SHOWER!!!! My dear friend Katrina is expecting a baby boy August 20th, and my friends Sarah, Stacey and Amy and I joined together to throw her a shower for baby Shepherd. Here we are all together. She's going to make a wonderful Mom!! Can't wait to meet the lil' guy.
Here is a shot of one of the tables with personalized cookies with "SMW" initials on them (yum) and a diaper cake along with diaper cupcakes (made by yours truely)... talk about fun stuff!
I can't forget to mention my cake lady Michelle who did a great job on the cake too... makes my mouth water!! Gorgeous!!
Congrats to my friend Katrina!! It was so fun to see all your friends and family come together to celebrate such a wonderful little baby and you!

Lastly, was a visit with Pap and Gammy.. there is never a dull moment in their backyard. We found a turtle!!!
These turtles apparently show up frequently and often look for the fastest way to get in the pool.. luckily we caught this one, Pap named "Banjo" before he took flight into the pool.
We also captured a few shots of the sun setting which was too beautiful not to capture in pictures... Pap and Gammy
Karl and Suzanne also stopped by to say hello!
My sweet boy Ryan... I just loved how this picture turned out.
We wrapped things up on Sunday by meeting Aunt Tanya for a movie to see "Shrek"!
It was lots of fun and look forward to our next movie together!! Thanks for joining us..
Now.. lets get some rest before a whole new week starts!!

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