8 Months!!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 32 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure why I put this as a highlight.... is it really? I'm a WHALE.
Maternity Clothes: I have ventured into Erik's t-shirts now.
Best Moment this week: Had a baby shower thrown for me at work! It was wonderful!
Gender: It's A Girl - Reese McKinley!
Movement: Reese is a mover and has recently started with some hiccups.
Food Craving: I am not sure I've had any major cravings lately..
What I miss: Being able to roll over in bed without having to ask my husband for his hand to pull me over. How sad!
Sleep: I have decided a pillow between my legs isn't helping.. maybe even making it worse...my hips aren't nearly as sore as they were when I was using a pillow. I wake up at least 2x a night, guess that's not too bad.. but by the 2nd wake up, I can't go back to sleep. I'm wide eyed at 5am every day.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to having Reese here! I am also still loving every second with Ryan and amazed each day at the different things he says and does. I think it was Wednesday evening, we were sitting on the deck and Ryan was running outside and looks over at me and says, "Mommy, I love you!" It was the first time he has said it on his own. It melted my heart. Of course he had already said this to Daddy before, just as he said 'Da-Da' before he said 'Ma-Ma' but it felt so good.
Belly Button: I think its half in and half out now. I think its only noticable in certain shirts.
Symptoms: Acid Reflux is still sticking with me. I've got my Zantac and Tums so I'm doing alright. My pelvis is still very sore, especially noticable when I am getting in and out of bed or standing up from sitting. My Linea Nigra line has finally started to get darker, but still seems more faint than Ryan's was. I believe Ryan's only went to my belly button, but this time, it has gone 4 inches above. I think I read somewhere an old wives tale saying if it stops at your belly button, its a boy and if it goes above, its a girl. So far, true.
Also, Braxton Hicks contractions have started up... crazy!
This week of May 3rd, I start my 2x a week appointments. Talking with my Dr. at our last visit, she realized they made a mistake in scheduling a sonogram each week, so I am just having Stress Tests 2x a week. I'm sortof sad to hear that I won't see her on the big screen again since the last time I saw her, their sono machine was messed up and I could barely tell the difference between her eye or her arm! I might ask for another one and if I get lucky, I'll post some pictures.
Love to all!!
Erik, Janette & Ryan
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