7 Months and counting!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm feeling huge, we'll leave it at that. Although some good news was that I only gained 3lbs since I saw my Dr. last.. phew!
Maternity Clothes: Livin' in them and love stretch!!
Best Moment this week: Celebrating Easter with Ryan and our families!
Gender: It's A Girl - Reese McKinley!
Movement: Reese is a night owl. She gets busy after I eat something sweet though, so I sure hope she pops out loving chocolate like me!
Food Craving: I am not sure I've had any major cravings lately..
What I miss: Being able to wear more clothes and not feel so restricted.
Sleep: I just would love to get some serious sleep. I can't nap, I can't sleep at night. I'm generally very uncomfortable at night. I wake up with my hips hurting even though I use a pillow btw my legs.
What I am looking forward to: At this point, I am just enjoying all of the time we have with Ryan b/c I know his world will be shaken up a bit when Reese arrives.
Belly Button: Its out and takin' charge!
Symptoms: Well, I still feel the acid reflux and got some Zantac to help. I also still throw back some tums here and there. I just feel so much pressure in my pelvis and it makes getting up or out of bed painful. I just recently caught a cold, and let me tell ya.... it sucks!! I will not take for granted the medicine that helps with the symptoms b/c I would kill for a Mucinex D pill right now!
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