Stats Update

Today, I had a growth appointment with my Doctor to see how Reese is doing. Erik and I went for a sonogram which is always fun. We tried to do a few shots with 3D but Reese wasn't really cooperating. She had her hands in her face for the most part. Pictures below. So at this point, she weighs about 2lbs 3oz. and is in the 68th percentile. The lady said that although I'm 26 weeks along, Reese is measuring about 27 weeks. Pretty cute. Starting in April, I will begin my weekly visits. It seems early to start those, but with my blood condition, they want to be aware of things a lot sooner. So, I'll be going 2x a week. The appointment earlier in the week will be another sonogram followed by a stress test which they strap you up and listen for contractions and heartbeats. The appointment later in the week will be another stress test and a Dr. visit to review the week. Time is flyin'!

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