A Day in the Life of the Johanson's

I have recently become a fan of this girl Kelly's blog (you can find her blog below called Kelly's Korner if you want to become a reader also) and its partly inspired me to 'try' to be a better blogger. Each Friday there is a theme called "Show us your Life" where all the readers/friends/family post on their own blogs and link back to Kelly's so we can all see what everyone has to say. This is my first time to do it. Eek!
This weeks theme is: What is your 'typical day' like?
Our daily routine isn't exactly exciting, but here we go. Let's start with a typical Monday.
Somewhere between 3am and 5am I wake up, my mind starts to turn and I tell myself "Do NOT look at the clock", but I always do. I then count the minutes, hours until the alarm goes off as I listen to Erik breathing and sleeping soundly beside me. My early awakening is mainly due to my pregnancy and waking up to go to the bathroom, so I try to fall back asleep and patiently wait for the alarm.
5:50am: Alarm goes off for me, I roll out of bed and reset the alarm for Erik so he has an additional 25 minutes to sleep while I get ahead start on taking a shower and beginning my morning routine.
6:15am: Erik is awake and stumbling through the bedroom yawning loudly and getting himself ready for the day.
6:45ish: we are both ready (I can't believe it takes me this long) and we part ways heading to the living room/kitchen. Erik ventures into Ryan's room, turning on the lamp and starts to read a book to Ryan, never knowing if today will be a day he wakes up happy or sleepy and cranky. While he's getting Ryan started, I try to get Ryan's breakfast ready, and get Erik's started as well as my own.
7:05ish: We are all sitting somewhere between the kitchen and living room watching Special Agent Oso, or whatever cartoon is requested as we eat our breakfasts.
7:20: this is the goal to get out of the house and on the road to make it to work as 'on time' as possible, and most of the time, Erik is already gone.
I never know if it will be easy to get out by this time b/c Ryan has a different mood each day. But low and behold, we are off!
7:55 or 8:10ish time frame Ryan is dropped off and I scurry off to work!
We both are working hard until about 5ish and Erik races home as I leave to go get Ryan.
Ryan and I spend our drive home talking about what food he wants. Most of the time he tells me he wants pizza. Not just once or twice, but about 25 times before we pull in the drive way. Other days it could be asking for french fries, gummy worms, going to the store or wanting to see Coach Amanda (his coach from Gymnastics, whom he LOVES!)
Thank Goodness for my Iphone which is no longer mine on the drives to/from school each day. I have loaded a series of movies and tv shows that Ryan watches. He has it under control, knowing how to stop, start, and find other applications he would like to play with. Do they make something like this for kids so I can have my phone back? Sometimes we hear the phone ring and instead of Ryan handing it to me, he puts it up against his ear as he listens to it ring. I've tried to get him to answer it but we aren't there yet. Nonetheless, I miss the call and won't know until I get home who it was.
6:00pm: We are all home and the next question is: "What's for dinner?"
I try to have something laid out, but generally start cooking the moment I walk in the door. Ryan is usually entertained by Erik while I try to get dinner ready as fast as possible because Ryan is STARVING. He spends the entire time waiting on me asking for gummy worms, pickles, juice, milk, goldfish, gummy snacks, banana, apple, ANYTHING.
6:45ish: Dinner is served.
Some nights this goes over well and Ryan eats, but 8/10 he's full from all the snacks he ate right before dinner. You may be asking-- then why give them to him? Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
7:20ish to 8:15: we play, we watch move movies/cartoons and play until its Bath time!
Bath time follows a series of picking out several different books, asking for a specific car among the 467 cars we own as one of us goes out looking for it.
Prayers and goodnight kisses.
8:30-9:00 we are both so exhausted and getting ready for bed. Erik begins watching his recorded shows of Glen Beck and Bill O' Reilly as I try to stay awake and keep up. By about 10 or 10:30, light are out and we start ALL OVER again.
Yeah.. not that exciting, but that's a day in the life of the Johanson's!
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Amy said...

You do what you gotta do! Amen to that! I can so relate to the lack of energy and exhaustion at the end of the day, and I don't work outside the home. I can also relate to never quite knowing what mood the little ones will be in when they wake up in the morning - fun times! :)