Baby Shower!!

I feel so lucky to have such great friends (Kristi, Sarah, Stacey and Katrina) to throw me such a classy, and lovely baby shower!! It was very casual and warm which felt great b/c I was nervous. Most of you know that I am not very good with being the center of attention and having everyone starring at me while I open gifts, but it went very well and baby Reese is coming into this world in style thanks to all my friends and family who came to celebrate at this baby shower!
Beautiful table with punch, salad, delicious baked potatoes!!
Kristi made this cute diaper cake which hopefully she will start adding to her Etsy site to sell b/c she did a GREAT job!! Check her site out: HottotDesigns Delicious muffins that were handed out as a favor to guests! Very cute story attached!
We cannot leave out this GORGEOUS, DELECTABLE Cake topped with red velvet (my favorite) and a marble cake!!
Here is a shot of the "loot" before everything was opened! We got lots of pink!! But to shake it up a bit, my friend Amy Strickhouser, who couldn't be there, sent along a gift with some navy and yellows!! Very cute!! Ps. I took some pictures with everyone individually, but Blogspot is not letting me upload anymore pictures at this time, so I'll stop here and post what I have :) I'll get them up as soon as I can!
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