6 Month Pregnancy Highlights

Well its time for another installment of Pregnancy Highlights...
How Far Along: 25 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm feeling huge, we'll leave it at that.
Maternity Clothes: Livin' in them and love stretch!! Sure wish finding cute clothes was easier!
Best Moment this week: Going to the Dr. today to hear her heartbeat. She kicked the Dr. while she was looking for the heartbeat. We both laughed!
Gender: It's A Girl - Reese McKinley!
Movement: Reese seems to be most busy at night right before I am off to bed.
Food Craving: I've really been craving Barbara Jean's Crab cakes, and I finally got them!! Note to anyone looking for a good gift idea: I love Barbara Jeans gift cards!! :)
What I miss: I think I just miss my old body, although it wasn't that great when this all started, I still miss it.
Sleep: I am still waking up in the night and feel wide awake around 5am. I think I might even have some slight snoring issues?
What I am looking forward to: We have yet to paint Reese's room, so I'm ready to get the paint and go to town. We have made progress by taking down all of the sailboat themed deco including the wallpaper border.
Belly Button: Its out and takin' charge!
Symptoms: This past month, I've had a little more heartburn or acid reflux and have decided that Tum's does not work. I checked today and I'm going to try Prevacid next!
What's different about this pregnancy: I think food cravings are different. With Ryan I would eat a bowl of icecream religiously every night, going through gallons! I'm still want some chocolate and cake every now and then but its not a nightly routine like before. But I did get a gym membership to last me through the rest of the pregnancy to hopefully help me movin'.
Love and Hugs!
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