I've got to be a better blogger!

I keep finding myself reading these amazing blogs and then flipping back to my blog thinking how disappointing it is. I really want to make this a place where people stop and are excited to see what's happening or what's up next!! So, my mission is to try to be better, I am just not 100% sure where to start. A friend of mine said I should blog about my pregnancy with Reese and I felt like I didn't have a whole lot to offer, but did run across a girls blog that inspired me to at least put a few details in, and I'll be honest, I stole her highlight topics. Bare with me as I get started and find my nitch on things to blog about!
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:
22 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm not sure this is really that important so I'll just leave it off.
Maternity Clothes: Livin' in them and love stretch!!
Best Moment this week: Feeling Reese moving a lot more and Erik got to feel her!
Gender: It's A Girl - Reese McKinley!
Movement: Yes it is AMAZING and she's SO busy!
Food Craving: I've really been craving Barbara Jean's Crab cakes, but have yet to get any. I also am sucking down olive juice and pickle juice. Its fun because Ryan likes it too!
What I miss: Being able to walk normally the moment I stand up and run without discomfort.
Sleep: I can't seem to make it through the night without waking up for one thing or another. Sadly, I think Erik feels the same b/c I tend to wake him up (on accident).
What I am looking forward to: I always look forward to my next Dr. appt's to hear the heartbeat and of course starting to get Reese's room painted and decorated.
Belly Button: Embarassing to say, but its stickin' out big time! And I'm only 5 months!
Symptoms: I feel like Tylenol is my best friend. My morning sickness is gone, but I'm constantly dealing with back aches. I also must admit that my bootie is also killing me!! I know I've complained about that to many people already, so why not share it with the world!
What's different about this pregnancy: This time I have vowed to exercise. I'm not sure how much good it is doing on the scale, but I feel better.
Love and Hugs!
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Amy said...

I love the name you chose...and my belly button stuck out with all three of my pregnancies. Now, when I see pregnant mommies with their belly buttons stickin' out, I think it's cute. :)