I'm a Big Boy Now!

Welcome to Ryan's new big boy room!! We finally got everything done and ready for him to sleep in his first big boy bed on Friday night (2/12). The room is themed "NFL" as you can see from the logo painted on the wall and every team is taken into account with the pennants that surround the room. The bedding is NFC which I agreed to so that Erik could have his Cowboys represented, although behind the door is the Steelers Terrible towel (AFC) and an additional pennant for them. I think we are equally balanced in the room now so that Ryan can choose which team he will support. On each wall are the respective North, South, East and West Teams. We're very happy with the outcome. There is also a twin trundle under the bed for Ryan to have sleep overs! He has one scheduled next weekend with his girlfriend Addison! It'll be our first chance to try it out! We'll keep you posted on how that goes!

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