First Sleep Over!

Friday, Ryan got to have one of his best friends come over and stay the night! I was alittle nervous because this would be a solo night for me since Erik had to go to drill. It began when Addison's Dad, Chris dropped her off at our daycare and we drove home together. The kids were laughing, screaming and shouting out words of things they saw along the way. It was really cute. I decided to take them to Cici's pizza in hopes that it wouldn't be as hard as I was imagining. They did a pretty good job. They both ate like champs and our night was well on its way! We came home, played with every toy in the house and finally started to wind down around 8. They played in bed for a little bit, mostly laughing and pulling the sheets above their heads. Eventually though they both pooped out. 7am came and both of them were up and ready to go! We were off to get donut holes and came back to get back to the toys! It was a really fun time!! I know they had a ball and Ryan is still asking, "Where did Addison go?"

They're too sweet with each other!
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