Mississippi comes to Texas!

Some of my Mississippi Family came to Dallas to go to the Ole' Miss Cotton Bowl game, but first we got to meet them for dinner!
This picture makes it look like we captured everyone, but this is just 2 cousins, their wives and 1 second cousin. This is the first of my family that Erik has finally been able to meet. He still has 25 others left to meet!
Pap and Ryan sittin' by the fire.
Pap with my cousins John (left) and Teddy (right)
My cousin John and his wife Amy.
The girls.. Amy, me, Kaye and Teddy's wife Ellen.
Erik, Ryan, me and my 2nd cousin David.
Erik, Ryan, me and my 2 cousins John and Teddy.
What a great night!! And Ole' Miss won!! Perfect trip, I'd say!

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