Happy to Announce

Friday, January 29th, we woke up to some exciting news awaiting us at our 19 week sonogram appointment. The weather was expected to be terrible, but luckily it was just rainy and cold instead of icy and snowing! We didn't want anything to cancel this appointment. Stephen met us at the appointment. I wanted him to be there to witness finding out the gender of his 2nd grandchild because he had never seen something like this before. I think it was a great experience for us all. The Dr. went through all the measurements and telling us what she saw. I asked her to keep the news of the gender for last. Finally she revealed that we were having a girl. Erik was thrilled because he had been feeling like it was a girl all along. The last thing we had to do was decide what our middle name would be. We had been going back and forth on a few family names. So, we got in the car and chose "McKinley". McKinley is my paternal grandmother's maiden name (Margaret Braune McKinley). Reese has been our girls name for a while, after the actress Reese Witherspoon.
Here's a few quick lil' videos that the Dr. put on a CD for us.

We are so excited to have a baby girl in our home!! Ryan is already saying "sister" and "Reese"! Counting down the days!!!

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