Making Cookies!

My good friend Jacquie brought her two boys over to decorate and make Christmas cookies. Actually it was a pre-Christmas cookie adventure. Ryan ADORES her two boys Walker and Grayson, and needless to say, they had a BLAST!
Here Jacquie helps Ryan put frosting on his star and snowman.

Ryan had sprinkles EVERYWHERE!! Here you can see how happy it made him!
Too cute.. Walker had to taste test the frosting before his final decorations could be complete.
Shake Shake Shake! I think he just liked watching the sprinkles pour out!
Grayson is very serious about making sure each part of the cookie is fully covered! Cutie!
Say CHEESE!! Its amazing how well they play and get along!! I love it!
Silly poses!
What a great time playing and making cookies!! Ryan asks about Walker and Grayson all the time, so this was a great day to enjoy with each other!!
We look forward to our next get together!!

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