Mission to be Top Seller!

Mid-October, our daycare issued their news letter annoucing a fundraiser coming up. This fundraiser was to sell Popcorn from Popcorn Palace.
Top seller in the school would win: $10 Block Buster Gift card.
Top seller in the class would win: A crayola product.
Top selling class would win: A Pizza Party!!

So, I was on a mission. Granted, I already pay a weekly amount that pays for everything my son needs while at school, I still wanted to SELL! Also, Ryan has the most wonderful teacher and knowing that what we sell goes towards getting her a Christmas bonus was more of a reason to try hard.

I sent Erik off to work to see who he could gather up.
I started making phone calls to Grandparents asking for their commit to buy and sent emails to Ryan's Aunt Tanya for help as well.

I took off like a firefly at work. Normally, people just set their order forms in the break room and hope for the best. I've seen how this works and NO ONE signs up, so I took a different approach.

I went door to door (cubicals) asking people if they wanted to buy to help support my son. How can they turn that down.

Ryan and I went to neighbors around our house asking if they would be interested too. At one point, we were up to $400 and I really felt like we were making some great progress, but knew I still had a bunch of people at work yet to ask.

Orders and money were due in on October 30th. I started looking at the prizes and realized that the top seller prize was not up to snuff. If I'm already at $400, I think they might need to re-look at their prize situation, so I jokingly said something to the owner and he said he'd look into it when he saw my final sales.

My my head held high, I walked in with my order (double and triple counted) and the owner jumped up and said, "I've got to see this!".

Ryan (Erik, myself,Aunt Tanya, Grandma Johanson, PopPop Hubbard & Gammy & Pap) sold:

$1424 worth of Popcorn!

The owner was blown away. He said he wanted to take me to lunch to find out what I could have possibly done to sell this much popcorn. Everyone at the school was so grateful, and excited.

We are proud to say that Ryan was the top seller in his class and won a crayola product. His class is having a pizza party since they were #1 and Ryan was top seller in the school and got a week FREE tuition (sure beats the $10 Blockbuster card)!

Now... I'm nervous for the next fundraiser!! How can we top this! Pin It

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