Grandparents Day at School!

Happy Grandparents Day to Grandma & Paw-Paw Johanson, Gammy and Pap & Popop & Grandma Hubbard!

Friday, Ryan's school invited Grandparents to come and have snack.
Here is Gammy playing with me and some of my friends.
Gammy! Its a Monkey!!
Paw Paw and Pap having snacks with me!
Gammy and Me!
Paw Paw helping me get clean!
Me and my Montly Crew.
Pap and Gammy and I eating snacks! John-John, Jace and me- my girlfriend Cassidy is in the background.
Paw Paw and ME!
Thank you for coming to have snacks!! I was a tad confused why you were all there, but had a blast! Happy Grandparents day!

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