Havin' fun!

Viewers of this may have their doubts but I had witnesses to this:
We were at the park with Addison and it was time to go. Ryan was still tuggin' on the swing and Addison appeared to be okay with leaving. I asked Addison to go get Ryan. Moments later, she came walking along and the two held hands all the way to our cars where we parted ways and shared a few tears when we had to say g'bye to Addi. This is unscripted hand holding at its finest!
As if you haven't seen enough bath time fun... I got Ryan covered in bubbles and he LOVED IT!
Where's Ryan?
It is clear that these two are great at sharing. Ryan playing with Mackie and of course Mackie thinks this is HER toy...
Ryan found this motorcycle at the store that makes LOTS of noise. Little did I know that he would turn this into a riding toy. Clearly not meant for an almost 2yr old!
Hey, it makes for cute pictures--- so why not!?
Guess what!? We're in the final stretch for Erik (Daddy) to come home!! Just a few more weeks!!! PHEW!
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