Sunday Play!

We had soccer again this weekend and I thought I'd take another round of pictures b/c its just too cute to watch them play.
Comin' through the tunnel... or taking a break for a picture for Mommy!
Aww... so sweet!
Kick that balloon!!
This is not apart of the class, but Ryan loves pulling on the tie of the balloon!
Ryan having a ball kickin'!
Going for a running kick!! SCORE!!
After soccer, we stopped by to visit Popop & Grandma!
It was so nice outside, we played in the pool a little bit. This is an action shot of Popop throwing the ball to Ryan!
Here's the after shot of Ryan catching the ball!! YES!! He caught the ball several times on his own!! So proud! Here is sits with Grandma who cheered him on!
Popop started his grill up in the back and I watched him get it all set up!
Popop and Grandma have an assortment of balls and each time I play with a new one-- this time I picked the football!
We thought it might be fun to take a ride around the block. Ryan has been obsessed with motorcyles lately. So, here we are... about to take off for our ride!! No worries, he was snuggly between Popop and Mommy!

Here we are coming back from our ride. I must say, it was fun! I wasn't sure what Ryan would think, but while we were riding, I asked Ryan, "Honey, are you having fun"? He said, "Weeeeeee!!" So, I think it was a fun experience for him!

Sittin with Popop & Grandma!

Grandma found my tickle spot!! Ha!

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