Just hangin' out

Being outside is the LIFE for a little boy. Ryan now spends most of his time honkered down looking for bugs. As you can see here, there is an itty bitty beetle running for his life and Ryan is intently watching!
We've moved on to ants that you can't see unless you get down as close as Ryan is.
OH! Found a Rolly Pollie!
I have little stomach for bugs, so I always say--"EW!! YUCK!" and now when I see Ryan holding a bug, I say, "Throw it!! Yucky!" And now he responds by throwing it and saying, "Yuck!"
I know when Daddy comes home, playing with bugs will be the highlight of their time together! Until then, "YUCK!"

Here is a photo more to show Daddy how much our tree out front has grown! We got this tree when it was literally a STICK with a few branches growing off the bottom which would end up being roots eventually. It will be a gorgeous Bradford Pear one day.
Sportin' my sunglasses! These don't stay on very long, so thank goodness for a fast camera!
Cool Cat!
What's up!?
Kisses from Mommy make me giggle!!!
Say Cheese!!

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