My Visit with Daddy!

This will be a long posting of photos.. in no particular order.
Family together again... ahh, it feels so good!
Love swingin'!
Got to go to the Zoo with Mommy and Daddy!! Check out this Big Ole' Gorilla!
Lovin' on Mackie!
Nose... pointing out all the parts of this gorilla!
Cute lil' monkey starring back at me!
Takin' a ride around with this fun pony!
Starring contest between me and the bunny!
Playing on the spider web...
WHOA! Huge Fishies!
AH!! I think I see the lion Daddy!
Checkin' out the East African Bongos!
Flyin' my Winnie the Pooh Kite with Daddy!
Look how high we got him!
Making small bread bites for the ducks!
Feeding them together.
Chasing the ducks was fun!
Daddy holding the bubble stick while I blow bubbles!
Smiles at the park!
Daddy helped me climb up this pole!!
This was a fun thing to climb too!!
Love havin' my Daddy play with me!
Slidin' is another favorite of mine!
Here I come!!
Daddy helped me get situated so I could slide down face first!
Daddy making funny faces at me while I swing!
Our last day, taking Daddy to the airport. I'll miss you Daddy!! We had so much fun having you home and can't wait till it is full time!!
August, here we come!!! We're counting down the days!!! LOVE YOU!

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Jacquie said...

What sweet pictures and what an awesome daddy (and mommy!!) I hope time will fly and Aug will be here before you know it :-)

Lesa said...

I'm sure yall are all ready to be together again. Hopefully the time will fly and he will be back before you know it!!