Flying Fish

Here is a cute little picture of the home of our newest family member, 'Fishy'.
Sadly, after 3 weeks, I noticed that it was leaking water and we would have to change to a new bowl until we got a new Elmo home. In the mean time, I found an ice holder that would work for now. We also have recently seen Grandma & Grandpa Johanson. They gave Ryan this cute little jar that holds some fake fish and the base of it vibrates so that the fish swim around. I decided, why not set it next to the real fish and we'll have a fish corner.
I came home this one night and did a double take. I wasn't sure what I was looking at.. Well, its sort of hard to see in this picture, but the ice holder is to the left, and the cute lil' vase with fake fish are to the right. Do you happen to see what I see? YES! Mr. Fishy apparently spent the day working out a plan to JUMP into that itty bitty hole!! I couldn't believe it!! What a risk!! He could have missed! There was no evidence of any splashing or anything. He must be an olympic fish. WOW!
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