Elmo...Shoes to fill & Cats, oh and Horses!

Ryan and I got out and there happens to be a place in Wylie that rescues all sorts of cats! They had all kinds there and off to the side, they also had a few horses that Ryan took a liking to. This particular horse was very sweet but I think Ryan's little hands made him think he was getting a carrot, so we touched VERY fast!
Ryan admiring the horse.
This beautiful tiger kept pacing back and forth looking at Ryan while he scratched his face on the fence.
Gorgeous, I tell you! Ryan got to see a white tiger up close!! Roar!!! That's Ryan's favorite word to say now! "ROOOAAAR!!!"
This place was a bit of a backyard kind of joint, but all of the donations go towards helping them keep these beautiful animals alive. If you are interested in going... check it out. Its a quick little tour, but something different to do to get out of the house.
Ryan loves shoes now, which is totally a flip from a few months ago when he refused to wear them. Here he is walkin' in Daddy's shoes!
Look how big my feet are!!!
I think I'm taller in these shoes too!!
I am jammin'... struttin' my stuff..
My favorite friend "ELMO!!" We have gone from saying what sounded like Elbow, to now the real deal... Ryan is talking along side his best bud!
Nothin' says love like a hug from Ryan!
Such a fun pal!

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