All kinds of Smiles & Faces

This is by far my favorite face when Ryan puckers his lips up to make a funny sound!
This is the common tantrum face... but still adorable.
I'm just perplexed
Just having fun.... you can also see his boo-boo from when he fell out of his chair at school and hit the side of the table with his upper cheek, near his eye.
Smiles with Mommy!
This is pretty funny-- Ryan gets on this little car and lifts his feet and always says "WEEEEE!!"
Hard to believe he's starting to get too big for it!
Again... one of my favorite faces, just caught it on camera at the right time!! Just want to kiss those puckered lips!
Sweetest lil' boy ever!
love that little grin!
Hangin' with Mommy!!
Running and loving every minute!!
Morning sunshine!!
Hi there!! Playin' in my bounce gym!
Mommy shared her birthday cake with me after I ate a yummy dinner!!
HI! Peekin' out to see ya!
Ta-ta for now!

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