Getting over RSV and an Ear Infection

Well, I have not "blogged" in a while, so I thought I'd break down and do it this time. It started a week ago on Saturday when Ryan woke up with a fever which continued through to Monday when I decided it was time to take him to the Doctor. I think I've heard of RSV, maybe through my friend Stacey when Paige or Libby had it, but never really thought anything about it. If you aren't familiar it is Respiratory syncytial virus and can lead to bronchiolitis or pneumonia. So, Monday-Wednesday I worked from home while Ryan slept most of the days away. It was so sad b/c there really isn't any medication for it. By Wednesday though I was concerned b/c he wasn't breaking this fever! I mean, I know it lasts a while, but geesh!! So, I took him back to the Dr. and found out now that he had a 2ndary infection in his ear. Whew, so we then got antibiotics and a breathing treatment to help with the RSV. By Friday, Ryan was back to his old tricks. In fact he started a 1 a day nap schedule during this final part of the week which was an adjustment for me b/c I was so used to having a morning nap with him! Those days are gone. Ryan and I were both back at work/daycare after a VERY, I repeat-- VERY Long week at home. I have never felt so excited to get back to work!! I know the two of us had some serious cabin fever going on! So, hopefully this cold is out the door and we're ready for Santa to come!! In the mean time, I took some pictures of Ryan outside playing with Mackie. He's obsessed with going outside-- no matter what!

Yum!! Rocks!

Now we're moving to sticks.. sucking on those too!Now we're sharing other sticks with Mackie

Cute lil' face... with a bit of snot... but hey, we're gettin' over being sick! Mackie was enjoying the breeze, frog-style.
Peekin' out the door.... looks like we might need to slap some paint on that peice!

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Anonymous said...

I can totally realte to how you feel!!! We were home all week with Brock becasue he has RSV too. It was very hard!!! I was most definitly ready to get out of the house and go back to work!! I'm glad he's feeling better, though!