Daddy's 4 Day Pass

Mommy and I got up VERY early to go get Daddy at the airport!!
I was so excited to see Daddy!!
Grandma&Grandpa came to see Daddy too!!
So did Aunt Tanya!
So, what all did Daddy and I do? We took naps together..
We took walks together...
We played in the backyard together..
Opened Daddy's Birthday present so he could see my reaction in person!
Went to Kobe Steak House for the first time with Daddy!
Spent time together as a family..
It was the best visit ever!! I LOVE MY DADDY!
Big hugs and I'll be waiting for you!
We love you and are praying for your safe return!!

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1 comment:

Kellys said...

Those are great pics of your family!! We are praying for your Daddy too, Ryan:) Love you guys