Gammy & Pap Visit

Pap and Gammy came to see me!! I love them!
Pap giving me kisses early in the morning!! We're both in our P.J.'s!
Me and Pap! Pap and Gammy.. and me Mommy and I took Pap and Gammy to see our land...
Pap and I are scoping the place out! My Uncle Jason came to see me too!! He's funny!
Then!!! We all celebrated my birthday a little early but that's because Pap and Gammy won't be in the states when I actually turn 1...
So, I got my first cupcake which Pap helped me blow out the candle!
I really.., REALLY liked my cupcake!
Gammy and Uncle Jason also blew out candles because their birthdays are very close to mine too!
OH MY GOSH!! I got a lawnmower!! If you notice I also got an aligator xylophone and a Tony Romo jersey which I'm sporting!
My Great Aunt Suzanne is helping me open my cards.. so sweet!
Ah!! What a great pre-birthday and wonderful visit with my Gammy and Pap! See you at Christmas!! Love you.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love the Romo jersey! I can't believe Ryan is almost 1!! The time has flown by! He is getting so big and looking more like a BIG BOY everyday! We miss y'all!
Linz, Vance, & Brock