My Daddy was home for July 4th!!

Me with Mommy & Daddy

Me and My Mommy posin' on the 4th of July!

Smiles with My Hero! My Daddy!
He's the best Daddy I could ever ask for!

Mommy and Daddy sneak attack kisses from the side!! I love it!

My aunt Tanya & Grandma Johanson came by to help celebrate the 4th!!

Showin' my Daddy my skills!!

So excited!!
Crawlin & lovin' it!
My Daddy's the coolest! He let me have a taste of his icecream!
I really, really Liked it!!

Lookie!! Daddy!!! I can stand on my own!!

My smiles are neverending!
Look real close!! I have 4 teeth on top and 3 of them on bottom!! Such a big boy!
No hands Ya'll!!!
Daddy and me playing on my rocking horse!

First day Daddy came home! Love being in his arms!

Big hugs for my Daddy!
Here's me and Mommy!
I got my own cell phone but the string is my favorite part!
Outside with Daddy...

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