7 Months & on to 8!

Gosh, 7 months has already gone by and I can't even believe we are already getting ready to start our 8th month! Amazing! As you can see, Ryan is growing and exploring new things! Earlier in the month, I took him to the park in hopes to get some great shots of Ryan in the wild flowers and with a waterfall in a few pictures but I was only able to get a few that you see here. Ryan was so amazed at the waterfalls at the park and all the grass and flowers. It was hard to take his attention away from all of the new things! He loved it!

We're doing so many new things and Ryan loves to stand! He's been rolling over a lot more now (which we really never practiced before) and says 'Da Da' every chance he gets. He also loves to take his forearm and make noises as he puts his mouth against it, making a ba-ba-ba sound. Its cute!

Other than a little spurt in the middle of month where we took Ryan to the Dr. to find out he had bronchittis and did our breathing treatments, it was a pretty healthy month! The two front teeth are really sticking out and he is enjoying moving his tongue back and forth over them. Its just too fun to watch him smile now with those little teeth! So cute!

Ryan loves to drink water from a water bottle. Anytime we have one, he reaches out for it. Granted, it usually gets everywhere, but he loves it!

We're loving every minute with him and hope to share more fun stuff in next months blog!

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