6 Months Old Looking Back

Well, it is hard to believe another month has passed us by! Ryan is growing so much and is learning new things everyday! So, lets just take a moment to remember what all has happened this month. We went for our 6 month well check with the Dr. where they told us Ryan was doing great and getting very strong. He weighed in at 16lbs, in the 25% percentile, and his height was 27" which put him in the 60% percentile. I think it is so amazing how much has grown since the first Dr. visit, just to remind you he was in the 6%percentile for weight at one month and 4% percentile! Look how much he's grown!! WHOA!

We are still sitting up and loving it. We have also mastered sleeping through the night without being swaddled which we were worried we may be doing until he was in kindergarten. Ha! He sleeps so good and we couldn't be more thankful! Ryan still loves his veggies and sortof likes fruits. His new thing is grabbing at our water bottles, so we have been assisting him in drinking from them and thought it might be fun to buy a sippy cup. Well, he just chews on the mouth peice for now.

We started teething and have our first tooth coming in which is very exciting! He's taken it pretty well with the exception of the excessive drool, but we aren't complaining! It's cute. It is the bottom tooth and it looks like the one next to it is about to break through also.

We asked the daycare to spend more time with Ryan doing Tummy Time and when we bring him home, we do the same. He is getting very good at rolling over to each side but is too timid to do a complete roll. He loves to turn 360 while laying on his belly as he reaches for different toys and even scoots backwards. He still loves to stand and might just skip crawling all together, we'll see.

As we end our 6th month, Ryan has said his first word. "Da-Da". You can only guess how tickled DA-DA was to hear it for the first time! The teachers at daycare said that he says it all day long! We're so excited!

So, on to our 7th month and seeing what is in store for us~ stay tuned!! Pin It

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