Now we are in our 5th month and rounding the corner to start our 6th! Ryan is sitting up on his own without falling over! It's great! He's grabbing for toys and wants to put everything in his mouth! No teeth yet, but he just loves sucking on his toys and feeling the different textures. It's amazing how much he smiles and laughs now. Erik and I will do just about anything to get him to smile. Its funny to hear his laugh because its this shreek and it is so cute!
He still isn't really ready for green veggies but we have been through most of all the yellow veggies and fruits. We have a few more to try. I think I may have mentioned in my last blog that he wasn't a fan of banana's. Well we gave them a try again and he was okay with them this time. You could tell by the look on his face that they were still not the most favorite fruit, but he tolerated it. Its hard to say what his favorite is, but it is fun to watch him eat as he is getting better about keeping it in and opening his mouth for the next bite. His new thing is squirting the food back out for fun. It is hard not to laugh.

We're hoping to get our 6 month pictures taken soon and I will upload pictures that we had taken for Easter. I took Ryan to have his picture taken with live bunnies and chicks. It was an adventure b/c he nearly ripped the bunnies ear off and took one of the chicks by its leg and shook it while its little wings were flapping and trying to put it in his mouth. With all that said, we still were able to capture some memorable moments with smiles and unharmed animals!

We're going to practice more tummy time in the upcoming month to hopefully get him ready to start crawling. :) We'll see!! Every day is a new adventure and he's so fun to watch!

More pictures and hopefully video's to come!!
See you next month! Pin It

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