We are starting our blog at tad late but wanted to have a place to share our fun moments and pictures for family and friends to see.
This month with Ryan has been great! He is really growing! We took him for his 4mo. wellness check where he got another round of shots, 4 to be exact and with a few tears it was over. He is currently weighing in at 14lbs (22%)and 25 inches long (48%). This is great news, as most of you know he started off on the very low side of the percentile charts. Now he is moving along perfectly!
We asked the doctor if we could try starting him on cereal, so we did that weekend. It was very funny. Poor little guy wasn't sure what to do with this spoon and food! Alot of funny faces came out and of course so did the cereal as he's not quite sure how to work his tongue. After a few days, he started getting it- of course it helps when Mommy and Daddy make our mouths move and he starts to copy us.
So, then we thought we might go ahead and start our "yellow" foods and see how that goes. We started off with Banana's and at this point in time can tell you that he does not like them one bit! We will try them again later to see if he changes his mind. We then went to carrots and those seemed to be alittle more appealing. We are doing each food for 3 days to make sure there are no allergies. So, we just wrapped up applesauce, which turned out okay. He made some funny faces and by the 3rd day he was eating every morsel. On to sweet potatoes!
Ryan loves to stand, of course while being held by either his hands or his waist. It's probably his favorite thing to do. He is now tall enough to use his exersaucer without having to wear shoes to reach the bottom. He is able to pull the toys towards himself and will attempt to shove everything into his mouth. What is most upsetting is when it doesn't fit. He is attempting to roll to his side and we're still working on that. We're also trying to get him to learn to sit up on his own, fingers crossed that it will be soon!
Ryan is still sleeping through the night, thank goodness (since Christmas Eve: 3mo birthday) and we are very thankful. We were nervous that starting daycare would mean a string of sicknesses, but we are lucky that he has only a runny nose... much like that of his fellow friends.
Ryan seems to love daycare and has quite a few girlfriends in his room. Its a blessing to have the internet webcams to check in on him daily!
We'll keep you all posted and notify you when we update our blog!
Take care!
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Kellys said...

I love your blog...great pictures! I can't wait to hear more about what he is doing!! Love that little guy:)